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Academic Affiliation


Assistant Professor

School of Physics, Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT-World Peace University, Pune, Maharashtra, India 

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Journal/Publishing House Association

Advisory Board Member

Journal - Editorial

Material  Research  Express,  IOP  Science Publishing,  UK

Advisory Panel Member

Journal - Editorial

Nanotechnology,  IOP  Science Publishing,  UK

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 About Dr. Prasanta Ghosh

Dr. Prasanta Ghosh is an applied physicist and passionate in designing specialized didactic solutions for transformation of Classroom knowledge to field conceptualizations. Dr. Ghosh is striving to fulfill his aim to see each and every principle of Physics can be implemented to a successful Product and Process-idea for creation of employment/self-employment. 

He has developed ample of indigenous instruments and provides Industrial and Research solution with low cost Automation and Indigenous Instrumentation.

Able to initiate any Research in his domain from scratch.

Dr. Ghosh is an active Reviewer of several SCOPUS indexed Peer Reviewed Physics (mainly Materials Science) journal. 

Dr. Ghosh have 8 years of teaching experience and 15 years of research experience.

Dr. Prasanta Ghosh obtained his Graduation (2001-2004) and M.Sc.(2004-2006) in Physics with specialization in Electronics from Dr. B. A. M. University Aurangabad (MS) India. He acquired his Doctorate degree (2006-2013) in Physics (Organic nanoelectronics) from the same institute. 

An avid nature lover and has profound interest in Bengali literature and Indian history. 

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Current Research & Research Goal

Dr. Ghosh’s research efforts are primarily aimed at developing innovative technologies for improving human health and the quality of life. 

He conducts research in the broad area of organic/inorganic functional nanomaterials- including organic Field Effect Transistors, inorganic/organic hybrids and advanced sensors based on organic matter and SHI Irradiation. 

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Honors and Achievements

Top Peer Reviewer in Materials Science – 2019

Global Peer Review Awards 2019, by Publons, A Division of Web of Science - Clarivate Analytics

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Highlighted Published Research Work

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Female Speaker


  • Patents (National):  03 (Published) 02 (Filed)

  • Total Research Article Published:  54

  • In International Journals:  28

  • In International Conferences:  13 

  • In National Conferences:  10 

  • Chapters in Book Volume:  03

  • Range of Impact Factor :  0.47 to 7.00 (Clarivate Analytics) 

  • Average Impact Factor:  2.46 (Clarivate Analytics) 

  • Cumulative Impact Factor:  44.3 (Clarivate Analytics)

  • h- index:  10 (Google Scholar) 08 (Scopus) 

  • i 10 index:  10 (Google Scholar) 

  • Total Citations:  349 (Google Scholar) and 245 (Scopus) 

  • ResearchGate RG Score:    23.8

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Indigenously Designed and Developed Instruments/Devices/ Systems 

  • Vapor Phase Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) system for CNT synthesis

  • Digital Constant Temperature Bath for Non-Linear Optical Crystal Growth

  • Probe Station for Micron structure Semiconductor probing.

  • Isolated  vacuum Glove Box for highly toxic material research

  • PC Based Robotic Arm for SILAR and Dipcoating Technique for Thin film deposition

  • Automated Dynamic Gas Sensing System

  • Digital Drying Oven & Furnace

  • Digital Tubular Furnace

  • Laboratory Automation & Process control 

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